No Stars, Just Stripes at Parade

My family has attended the Central Gardens annual 4th of July parade for the past thirty years. In that time period it has grown in number of participants. There are more children in it, more dogs and more elaborate decoration of small vehicles. There is plenty of laughter and fun.

This year, though, I noticed a difference. Actually, it has been an incremental one in the past few years. In times past, children and adults dressed up as Uncle Sam, Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin and other icons of American history.

This year? I saw one Uncle Sam. No heroes. No stars of the American historical firmament.

Instead, lots of red white and blue ribbon, sparkly things, bunting, red and white bandanas. Nobody was anyone or anything.

Could it be that the millennial parents are too woke to see the grandeur of our history? Are people afraid to align themselves with the Founders because they were imperfect people?

I fear so. The indoctrination of young people to think only of the injustices are nation has experienced – the striped backs of whipped slaves and of inequality – has led that generation to deny we’ve had any heroes. Ever.

What a sad development!

Do the young people today think they are perfect? No country and no person except Jesus has ever been perfect. None ever will be perfect. If you are searching for that Utopia on this level of existence, you’ll never achieve it. The best you can do is strive.

Our country has always striven to be better. It will continue to try to be better. That’s one quality that distinguishes it from others.

But let’s not sacrifice our heroes and our achievements because of our imperfections. Sadly, this movement is not yet over.

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