Kavanaugh Book a Good Read

This book about the Kavanaugh confirmation rocketed to No. 1 on Amazon the first day. You might not know it because it has almost no publicity. Most networks have ignored it.

Yet somehow it has managed to hit No. 1. Tells me a lot of people on our side are active and involved. We want to know all the facts about what are overseeing government masters are doing.

I wanted to know, too, so I got the book on kindle and immediately began reading it.

It’s one you don’t want to put down, even though you know the outcome and remember the disgusting happenings of last autumn.

Hemingway and Severino are forthright in the telling of Kavanaugh’s story. It is gripping. Some interesting things come to light. I was surprised at how involved President Bush 43 was in all the goings on. Perhaps not surprising since Kavanaugh worked with him in the White House. Still, W didn’t bat an eye when Obama was in office and refused to defend Republicans and his own policies then. The Bush people urged Kavanaugh to be emotionless about the attacks. They were just as obtuse politically with him as they were when Bush was president and never defended himself or our side.
Fortunately, Kavanaugh didn’t follow their strategy.

The authors don’t shy from showing how unbelievably devious the Democrats were in pushing Blasey Ford’s rape narrative. There wasn’t any barrier of decency they wouldn’t jump over.
Same with the media. The liberal networks and newspapers refused to ask any questions that might help Kavanaugh. They swallowed the accusers’ accusations enthusiastically. They brushed off anyone who came forward with information that might exonerate the future Justice. For a kick, read the predictions the lame cable hosts made about Kavanaugh’s future. Then apply it to current events. If you ever doubt it, it is proof that they don’t know what they’re talking about and make up whatever suits their narrative.

It was scary to read how intimidated Kavanaugh friends and supporters were. Many refused to help him because they feared retaliation. What does this say about the climate of fear in DC and the shallow character of today’s citizens?

Ultimately, Hemingway and Severino list 5 reasons why Kavanaugh prevailed. First, President Trump supported the conservative judicial network and Kavanaugh. Second, Republicans controlled the Senate. Third, “an array of organizations made the confirmation of originalist judges a priority.” Hemingway writes for the Federalist and Severino is with the Judicial Crisis network. They and others were essential in advice and help. Then the authors credit new media outlets that challenged the old ones. Finally, they say conservative American citizens rallied behind candidates.

This book will be a good reminder to those same people on the necessity of getting involved and supporting fellow conservatives. Give it a try.

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