Dump Networks for YouTube

What does it say about today’s television choices that I would rather watch a homemade YouTube video of Malcolm the akita – in French, not my native language – as he travels in France than I would anything on the American TV schedule?

At least he doesn’t insult my intelligence with stupid storylines that press a Social Justice Warrior philosophy, nor does he denigrate patriotism.

No, I have left the alphabet networks and even the cable channels behind.

While I, like many, used to watch the Fox News Channel through a lot of the day and night, they have not proven to be as conservative as they pretend. Don’t get stuck watching Shepherd Smith, Neil Cavuto or any of their weekend anchors as their smarty/holier than thou attitudes will raise your blood pressure.
I switched to Fox Business, which is often better, but it, too, dwells on the same story show after show. Oh for a little bit of information on international goings-on or heartland developments! Evidently nothing exists except campaign events and politics.

I like One America News, but they tend to repeat stories throughout the hour. They have the right philosophy, but are limited by the small size of their operation. Unfortunately, many people can’t even get it as Comcast appears to have a vendetta against them appearing on their network choices.

What to do?

Last night for the President’s rally, I watched it on Right Side Broadcasting on YouTube. They cover the whole rally from speakers before the Prez, to crowd lines outside to crowds inside. You get the full picture from them without any annoying commentary that purports to know the outcome of the rally.

I also watch Dan Bongino during the day. He broadcasts on YouTube around 12:30 Central time. Again, you get his opinions without the network filter and very few ads. His is one of the more popular conservative shows. He does his homework and never lets the viewer down.

Once you start watching YouTube, which means when you want, what you want and sometimes without any ads, why go back to regular TV? I like, also, that the show is not confined to any time length. It can be as long or as short as the interview takes. So much better than the 3-4 minutes Fox hosts give their guests.

There is so much to choose from as well. I have just scratched the surface so far, but there is more to watch there than the networks. Here are a few shows I recommend:

Mr. Reagan – He delves into issues and people with intelligent commentary.
Real Coffee with Scott Adams – the Dilbert creator brings a different slant to the day’s story. And, he was one of the few correct about the 2016 election.
America First – Sebastian Gorka has a variety of guests on his radio show which can be listened to on YouTube.
Glenn Beck – He also has the most important clips from his daily radio show on hand, plus a few in depth interviews
Steven Crowder – See what makes him the anathema to liberal media types
Victor Davis Hanson – He has something to say everyday
Rebel Media – It’s from Canada, but with an eye to the U.S. Their squad interviewed The Squad and broadcast their refusal to condemn Al qaeda.
The Hill – The DC newspaper has an interview show, often hosted by John Solomon
Breitbart and the Blaze have YouTube shows and so do many other conservative outlets.

These are just a few to get you going.
Fox is attempting to fight back on the obvious wave of the future with Fox Nation. But you do have to pay for it and the shows are sporadic.

A Roku device allows you to watch on your television and even some TVs now include it. Otherwise you can watch online.

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