Cohen’s 5 Minutes of Lame

Our House representative, Steve Cohen, was one of the Democrats who got to question the pathetic Robert Mueller yesterday.

This time, he did not bring a bucket of fried chicken. (By the way, is that cultural appropriation on Cohen’s part?)

Cohen did bring his Democrat obsequiousness and slimy attitude. Take a look:

Mueller a mode of rectitude? Hardly. Ask the four men who were falsely imprisoned for ten years in the Whitey Bulger case or the anthrax accused who killed himself or the one who won $5 million from the government for Mueller’s botched handling of that case.

Notice Cohen asks Mueller questions that he can just get a “yes” from, ending the question with “correct?” It was like interviewing a kindergartner; he made it as easy as possible for the decrepit old man. There weren’t any questions that demanded an explanation. Too hard!
All Cohen did was regurgitate from Weissman’s report. He used it as a way to slime President Trump on an emotional, not legal level.
Cohen ended his five minutes of blather with the patriotic appeal: “In America no one is above the law.” Except Democrats, Clintons or Democrats in the DOJ, FBI, State Department, CIA, etc.
I noticed that this clip from PBS on YouTube did not have any comments. It read “comments disabled.” Can I take that as a negative response to Cohen?

Maybe Cohen should have brought his fried chicken.

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