A Week for High Fives

The President and his supporters had quite a good week.
First, Robert Mueller flamed out – spectacularly. He managed to crash his reputation and earn the enmity of both sides in Washington. Quite an achievement for the man lauded as the Dems’ messiah.

A sane party would pick itself up, dust itself off and start all over again. Not the Democrats. They have revealed the depth of their obsession to get Trump to all Americans. I can’t see how this will help them in elections. They look bitter, frustrated, unfit to govern and just downright crazy.
Another triumph for Trump.

On Friday, the GDP number surpassed estimates and disappointed Dems, libs and their media (sorry for the redundancies). While 2.1 isn’t fabulous, it bests the Obama performance and other countries around the world who are teetering on recession like Germany. Analysts estimate it will be revised upward and that the next quarter will hit even higher.

The Leftist dream for a good old American depression got whacked.

Then Trump got Guatemala to agree on an asylum program. After wavering, the astute people there got woke to what it means to have American greenbacks snatched away. This asylum policy should help our immigration invasion slow substantially.

Ditto on the Supreme Court ruling that Trump can use Defense Department money – about $2.5 billion of it – to build the wall. Dems ran into a wall legally on this one as there is no other recourse after the Supremes.

To top it off, Congress will be gone for about six weeks. That means we don’t have the spectacle of the Dems in the House coming together to smack Trump around or come up with ridiculous plans to take our money for a lame cause. Sure they’ll smash mouth from afar, but it loses its punch via Twitter.

Many on our side are angry at the budget deal that Trump also pushed through this week. Yes, it is as bloated as Nadler after an all you can eat buffet paid for by others, but it’s not as bad as it appears.The Conservative Treehouse comments:

The spending might make us mad, but there’s a bigger picture here. Trump is clearing the battle space of political weapons for 2020. It might sound odd, but that’s how he’s worked on the other geopolitical issues.

Trade and tariffs with China + the USMCA + trade and tariffs on the EU + the possibility of an independent U.K trade deal…. all adds up to far more net American economic value, extending for decades, than the insufferable 18 month spending binge by Pelosi et al…

President Trump is positioning for an economic platform in 2020 with specific deliverables. None of the 2020 candidates have any economic plans that can touch the scale of U.S. benefit Trump has positioned. Heck, we notice the 2020 candidates generally don’t even talk about trade and economics.

The economy. Economic security. America First.
Immigration. Sovereignty. America First.
National Security. America First.
Ensuring intel weaponization never happens again. [Declassification etc.]

That’s the big picture and sequence of priority for Trump’s platform. President Trump will determine the landscape, and he’s going to position any candidate as adverse to each of those priorities.

He’s right. There is a bigger picture here.

All in all, a week to celebrate with Andrew Klavan’s Happy video:

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