A Dim Bulb

Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI) is next in line to chair the important House Energy Committee, but his ascension to that post is encountering some difficulties.


He’s in conservatives’ crosshairs¬† because he has shown himself to be a dangerous moderate. Among his black marks are his vote for TARP, his vote against extending the Bush tax cuts on capitol gains and dividends, his desire to require 60 votes in the Senate to pass any tax cuts, his vote to give subsidies to Planned Parenthood and his vote for federally subsidized embryo destruction for research.¬† Need I say more?

If there is any doubt, consider his bill with Jane Harmon (D-CA) to mandate environmentally friendly lightbulbs. As chair of the Energy Committee, this would be coming up again. As Erick Erickson says at Redstate.com, “giving a reprieve to the incandescent lightbulb must be one of the first acts of Congress in the new year.” He feels, as many of us do, that this usurpation of our rights in our very homes is emblamatic of all that’s wrong with government. Putting Upton in charge of Energy would dim any hopes of progress in this area.

A better candidate would be Pennsylvania congressman Joe Pitts. He seems to have the street creds we want. At least he hasn’t enjoyed wining and dining with Rahm Emanuel, as Upton brags he did.

A petition at www.downwithupton.com hopes to alert John Boehner and other Republicans to flick the switch on this candidate. You can sign on at that website to make your feelings known.

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