CA Attack on Methodist Raises Questions

A Page 1 story in today’s CA reads: “Methodist to raise wages, stop suing employees.” It is seen as a victory for the little guy.

OK, maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

One thing for sure, the CA is taking credit for the decision by Methodist CEO Michael Ugwueke. They credit investigative reporting by MLK50: Justice Through Journalism in partnership with ProPublica.

One of the journalists crowing most is Wendi T. You remember her. She’s the CA social justice warrior who left the paper for a stint in Baltimore. It lasted less than a month and she decided she wanted to come home.

She posted on facebook: “Methodist will expand its financial assistance policy for patients, stop suing its own employees and raise its minimum wage. Investigative reporting matters and your support made it possible. The latest on MLK50, by Deborah Douglas and me.”

This got a lot of comments, of the self-serving, millennial virtue signalling kind:

Wow!!!!! And that is why we need journalism.

Good day for journalism! And good for Methodist for taking heed.

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ BravoπŸ’― Thank you so Much Wendi for your great investigative journalism, you exposed a deep issue, and in doing so, brought about these changes, KUDOS to a job well done MLK50ProPublica πŸ‘β€οΈ
I appreciate you handling that so efficiently and quickly!. Now, Wendi, can we see what you do about having 1600 Pennsylvania Ave fumigated and the giant orange rat removed, ‘k? Seriously, not kidding. Would also appreciate it if you could have the senators from Kentucky recalled as well. In fact, I’m fine with the entire GOP having an extended vacation in the Dominican Republic asap. I hear the drinks at the hotel bars down there are to die for
Wow!! Congrats. This is a win all around.

One other thing Dracula, the king of bloodsuckers, would be destroyed by the sun. This is what shining the light on wrongdoing does. Sometimes the good guys win. Hopefully, they are not bitter at the lesson or the teacher and will focus on JUST being a better community, corporate, citizen and partner.
This story needs to be lifted up everywhere to remind us of what is possible.

proof journalism works

Amazing. You’re improving Memphis in really monumental ways. Thank you.

Some questions I have amid all the back slapping.

First, what are the unintended consequences of the rate hike and relaxation of payments? Will more employees lose their jobs? Probably. Will more work be piled on other employees? Will the CEO and top suits chop their salaries?

Who pays for the backup when others can’t pay? Will other patients see a hike? Will some see insurance canceled?

I don’t hear any consideration of the consequences of these changes. There will be some. There always are.

Let’s also take a look at Gannett and the CA. Are they paying employees enough? Does anyone look at their work practices and the consequences for employees?

If there is a suffering slave class in journalism, it’s the carriers. They do the hard, dangerous work of delivering the newspaper but are made to pay for the bags, gas and other things they use. They don’t even get a base wage. Nor do they get included in any benefits. Jeff Cain, who used to deliver the newspaper in Midtown (and had since 1968), complained bitterly about the treatment the company gave them. He died from an accident early in the morning. He was so tired he fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a pole.

I don’t remember the CA caring about him at all.

Before they go off looking at other companies – and often destroying peoples’ jobs as all things liberal do – perhaps they ought to straighten up their own companies.

Not going to happen.

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