CA Still Omits Pastor Visit

What media doesn’t cover deserves as much scrutiny as what it does cover.

Never more true than the CA’s continued silence on the visit of a Memphis pastor to the White House. Rev. Bill Owens went to talk to President Trump in the Oval Office along with other black pastors on Monday. Have we been told about it? No. It’s radio silence.

Could that be because he’s not the right kind of black person? One who refuses to call President Trump a racist? One who keeps conservative values? You think?

One place that did cover it was The Root, which claims to be all about “Black News, Opinions, Politics, Culture.” They didn’t like him either. Their story was quite smarmy. Headlined “Meet the Black Preacher Invited to the White House to Spread the MAGA Gospel,” the author spared no slur in writing about Owens.

After years of being left out of the Marvel Universe as the arch-nemesis to everything black, including Colin Kaepernick, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, the NAACP and—no, I’m not kidding—love, Bill Owens, the infamous negro pastor and possessor of the homophobic Infinity Stone, finally got his day in the sun when he was invited to the White House to play the role of a prop in Donald Trump’s futile attempts to prove he’s not racist.

Amid his ongoing series of unhinged, intermittent rants against Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the “Squad,” Al Sharpton and anyone who doesn’t need to “lay out” to get a little color in their skin, Donald Trump invited Owens and a handful of other churchless pastors to the White House on Monday for a photo-op that he will probably use as mugshots when he finally decides to send his detractors back to the “rat-infested” “shithole countries” that they came from.
If you have no idea who Rev. William “Bill” Owens Sr. is, do not be ashamed. While the 80-year-old right-wing preacher claims that he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. as a civil rights leader in Nashville, Tenn., no one, including Nashville historians, organizers and archivists can find any evidence that he ever did so. He is a staunch conservative who denigrated Barack Obama, fought with the NAACP and, most importantly, fought against the growing scourge of people marrying whomever they want.

But a few years ago, as he was preaching the doctrine of “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” with anti-gay conservative organizations like the Family Research Council and the National Organization of Marriage, Owens started using a tactic often employed by these groups. He simply created an organization with an official-sounding name—in this case, the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP)—built a website and started issuing press releases as if he represented an actual section of the black religious population. Since then, CAAP has called for former Attorney General Eric Holder’s impeachment for supporting marriage equality and has asked Nike to sever ties with Colin Kaepernick who it says “has become synonymous with radical anti-American sentiment.”

Curiously, the CAAP never lists its members or takes group photos. Owens has been lobbying for an invitation to the White House for years, to no avail, after comparing Barack Obama’s support for same-sex marriage to supporting child molestation. Although he claims to have secretly counseled Trump four or five times at the White House, Owens insisted that the public visit was not a response to the feud with Cummings. Explaining that it was “hard to believe” that Trump was racist because he has done so much for the African American, Owens almost broke down in tears lauding the white nationalist-in-chief.

“He wanted to know from us what should he do in America,” explained Owens as the taste of Trump’s boots marinated on his tongue. “He’s right sometimes. He’s never given credit for doing anything.”

There is more, but you get the picture.

I admire Rev. Owens even more if this is what he has to put up with in his own community. Sounds as bad as a racist could write.

Don’t expect to see anything that might sway people towards Trump in the CA. Ever. He’s too much of a threat to their Deep State ties.

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