Strong Aim at Cohen

Fried chicken eating Rep. Steve Cohen might have competition for his seat at the Congressional table.

Former Shelby County Democratic Party chairman Corey Strong wants to take his place. He announced he will be running for it next year in the local Democrat primary.

He could be a strong contender. Strong led the Democrats in Memphis to victory in last year’s election when they unfortunately swept every countywide race. reported, “Strong said he has no real relationship with Cohen and while the incumbent has done “great things for Memphis,” citizens haven’t expected enough out of the congressional role.

“Much of Strong’s campaign announcement news conference focused on the candidate’s desire to improve economic development efforts in the district and pitching the outside world on investing in Memphis.

“Strong acknowledged it would be a significant challenge to unseat the longtime incumbent, Cohen, but said his chairmanship on the local Democratic Party was also a ‘significant challenge.’”

Strong plays hardball. In 2018 he accused the county Election Commission of trying to suppress black votes when they opened one polling place at the Agricenter five days before the early voting process.
Even though it was baseless because the location was chosen as actually more accessible to more people than other spots, he succeeded in painting the Republican party as racist to his voters and in the media.

He knew it’s hard to prove a negative.

Even though Cohen is a Democrat, he can expect the race card to be pulled in this race.
Should be an interesting one to watch.

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