Warmest Summer Ever?

This summer in Memphis has been mild. We have yet to hit 100 degrees. That appears unusual.
In fact, it has been so pleasant much of the time that even early evening walks are enjoyable.

That led me to think that “scientists/climatologists/Progressives” will declare this the hottest summer yet.

It is true that Paris experienced 108 degrees one day last month and a short heat wave hit Europe. New York also got smacked with a very hot day or two last month. That will cause Climate Change alarmists to shriek. You see, when it hits them, it’s different.

True to form, the AP wrote a story that the CA picked up and headlined: “Study links Europe’s heat wave to global warming.”

A report proclaimed, it “was so extreme over continental Western Europe that the observed magnitudes would have been extremely unlikely without climate change.”

Really? Moscow’s forecast was for a high of 57 and a low of 49. If anything, that seems a bit chilly for early August.

Of course, “experts” have all kinds of creative and shallow explanations. They can’t be challenged because they speak in vague terms with a lot of gobbledygook thrown in. If an average citizen protests, he/she/xe is told that he/she/xe is too stupid to get it.

Sadly, it has worked for many vulnerable, incurious people.

Here’s something to think about. The weather fact of the day says, “The South was in the midst of a record heat wave Aug. 3, 1980. Dallas, Texas, had its 42nd consecutive day with temperatures at or above 100 degrees. Norolk, Va., sweltered in record breaking 101 degree heat.”

Almost 30 years later we can’t match that.

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