Leftists Target McConnell at Home

If you ever needed to expose the Left for what they are, take a look at what Weasel Zippers reported.

Ryan Saavedra tweeted: “Far-left protesters are at Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home. One person says they hope someone uses a voodoo doll on McConnell. Another says they want someone to just stabs the mother f*cker in the heart. These are the people who want to take your guns.”

He then showed a video of people harassing him at night at his Kentucky home.
This is your tolerant Left.

He added, “Keep in mind, McConnell, 77, is recovering from a broken shoulder that he sustained after he fell. McConnell falls some times because he has a problem with one of his legs because he had Polio as a child. This is the person far-left activists are harassing late at night.”

Compassionate, aren’t they?

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