Dems Eat Their Own

The current Democrat party is not about ideas. It is about race and a common hatred for President Donald Trump.

You can see it in Elizabeth Warren who insisted she’s native American. American alone won’t do; there has to be some ethnicity to it. Hence we have WASPs like Beto O’Rourke taking on a Spanish sounding name and speaking it to show how in touch he is. Ditto Corey Booker, who although black, showed he can speak a rehearsed line in Spanish thereby upping the others on ethnicity.

Everybody in that party must have some kind of victimhood for validation. For Buttigieg it’s being gay. For Kamala Harris it’s being part black and Indian (no, not the native American Warren Indian). Etc., etc.

So it’s not a surprise that this mentality trickles down to our Memphis Democrats.

Jim Strickland is finding that out the hard way.

No matter that he took down the Confederate statues (without citizens’ approval) in the dead of night. No matter that he is a member of the NAACP or has black department heads in his administration.

That’s not good enough for mayoral challenger and fellow Democrat Tami Sawyer. She has CNN poltical commentator and activist Angela Rye to level the charge of Dixiecrat, aka racist, against Strickland.

Rye was attending a luncheon for Sawyer Thursday and was a guest speaker. According to the CA, “Rye said she didn’t know Strickland personally, but she didn’t like him and that when she thought of perpetrators of racism and bigotry, she though of him. She offered few specifics of why she thought he was racist or why she had compared him to an offshoot of the Democratic Party that espoused white supremacy and seceded from the party during the 1948 presidential election.”
So who is Rye?

Wikipedia says, she is “is an American attorney and the Principal and CEO of IMPACT Strategies, a political advocacy firm in Washington, DC.[1] She is a liberal political commentator on CNN and an NPR political analyst…. The organization has quickly become a powerful voice and advocate for today’s young professionals of color nationwide. Under her leadership, IMPACT formed critical partnerships with the National Bar Association, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, National Urban League, Rainbow/PUSH, Congressional Black Caucus Political Education and Leadership Institute, Black Leadership Forum, and many other organizations.”

She has also worked for Maxine Waters (Impee fawty fi). She grew up in Seattle and was the daughter of a political activist/community organizer. says “As of 2019, Angela Rye has an estimated net worth of $2 million and her annual salary is reported to be around $200,000. As we try to unravel her personal life, we discover the secret of what makes her tick and to whom she has been dating. She was previously in a relationship with rapper Common.” Common was invited to the White House by Obama despite outcry over lyrics in his songs that advocated burning George W. Bush and supporting crimes against police.

Strickland’s people expressed astonishment that someone would go after him on race. After all, he’s a Democrat and aren’t they all immune from any charges of racism? His assistant, Steven Reid, said, “this kind of hateful and divisive rhetoric doesn’t even demand a response.”

Funny, Dems accuse us of racism no matter the circumstances and when we give that reply, it is scoffed at.

Strickland finds himself in a tenuous position. He has done many things like the statue removal that irk Memphians, so he has lost some votes there. He can claim to be pro black all he wants, but in the face of two black candidates, can this save him?

This obsession with identity politics cannot end well for Democrats. That would be a good thing. We all need to concentrate on being Americans period – no hyphenations – just Americans.

It will be very interesting to see what happens on election day October 3rd.

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