More Climate Hype

A few blogs back, I predicted that the CA would soon say that July was the hottest month on record.

Not that it really was – especially here – but the fabricated data would say that.

On cue, Friday’s paper headlined: “July is Earth’s hottest month ever recorded.” Not only that, but “July’s heat comes on the heels of what was the hottest June on record…For the year to date, 2019 is tied with 2017 as the second warmest year on record. It’s virtually certain 2019 will be one of the five warmest years on record.”

Probably August will be the hottest one on record, too.

Notice the years. Is it a coincidence that Trump was president in both years? I think not.
The next day we were treated to this headline: “Climate change still threatens Colorado River after wet winter.” Why stop the snowball of scare momentum, eh?

Now we no longer face heat, but drought and less water, too! What’s next? Famine and pestilence?

What does all this mean? According to the AP story, “Lake Mead, a key reservoir on the Colorado River, has enough water to avoid mandatory cuts to users next year.” In other words, we’re in the favorite territory of today’s crack journalists – speculation.

The story continues, saying that “many states declared an end to short term drought this year” and understands that there is such a thing as “weather whiplash.” In other words, Mother Nature has her natural swings back and forth.

Never ones to ignore climate hysteria as a political tool, the New York Times and WaPo got on board the scare train with stories about Greenland’s ice cap melting. The Times said, “The warmth increased the surface melting of Greenland’s vast ice sheet, which covers about 80 percent of the island. Analysis of satellite data by the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo., showed that melting on Wednesday extended across 380,000 square miles, or about 60 percent of the total ice area.

“That is about four times the median extent for the end of July over the past four decades. But while the extent of melting has been higher than average this year — including a day in June that set an early-season record — it is less than the record 2012 melt season, when warm temperatures persisted for much of the summer and at one point nearly 100 percent of the ice sheet was melting.”

Now besides heat and drought we can have flooding! (By the way, hasn’t it been a particularly uneventful hurricane season?)


The Danish Meteorological Institute, which has a key role in monitoring Greenland’s climate, last week reported a shocking August temperature of between 2.7C and 4.7C at the Summit weather station, which is located 3,202m above sea level at the the centre of the Greenland ice sheet, generating a spate of global headlines.

But on Wednesday it posted a tweet saying that a closer look had shown that monitoring equipment had been giving erroneous results.

“Was there record-level warmth on the inland ice on Friday?” it said. “No! A quality check has confirmed out suspicion that the measurement was too high.”

The point of all this is that Joe and Jane Reader don’t have access to questioning whatever the media outlets declare. I’d say 99% of us are not trained in meteorology nor do we have the true information available about the dreaded climate change issue.

Media uses it as a political weapon. So far, they have only managed to indoctrinate young people with this idiocy. The more experienced among us have seen climate swings throughout the decades. Yes, it is unusually hot some years. Some years it is unusually cold. What does that mean?

It means it’s weather and we have not, nor will we ever be, nor should we be able to tame it fully.

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