If I lie to the FBI, I am in a world of hurt.
If James Comey lies, leaks and betrays his oath, he’s fine. No biggie.
For a long time we’ve been expected to believe that the problem at the FBI is with Comey. For the most part, it is.
I don’t share, however, the opinion that the rank and file are fine fellows. This has been the notion pushed by Sean Hannity and most politicians, but sorry, when the head is rotten, the rest is rotten, too.
Why should any agents care about adhering to the law anymore? Their chief didn’t. Why should they? What is the law if it is one thing to one person and another to another?

I’ve had people tell me “it’s a great institution. You can’t get rid of it. We need it.”

No, it’s been rotten since its inception headed by the notorious J. Edgar Hoover. He used the knowledge obtained by agents to blackmail anyone he liked, even presidents. Has it proven itself since his demise? Again, no. Just look at 9/11, the Pulse nightclub and the Boston marathon attacks. The FBI had knowledge of the terrorists but did nothing.

President Trump needs to dump the FBI and come up with a better agency. He won’t improve a thing by keeping on someone as untrustworthy as current director Christopher Wray. His mission is CYA and cares nothing about crime for American citizens. It’s upholding the Deep State that matters to him.
A comment at White House dossier summed it up nicely:

After he’s sworn in for his second term, Mr. Trump should take on the task of tearing down the J.Edgar Hoover building , brick by brick, until every rat traitor scurries back to the sewer they came from and where they belong.

Today’s FBI is tainted, almost obsolete, and full of pension seekers who can’t seem to stem the flow of state to state drugs, sex slaves, or stolen merchandise. Their once esteemed forensics are now duplicated by most state agencies, their formerly exceptional powers of investigation are limited by the advance of technical devices, and years of political interference has poisoned their ability to be effective.

Our country is awash in illegal drugs brought across our borders and transported by trucks, cars, even the US Mail and the FBI does nothing. Gangs like MS-13 pop up in multiple states to do things that the old Mafia would never do and the FBI does nothing.
Illegal aliens lie about their credentials to get government goodies or jobs and the FBI does nothing.
All of this is my opinion.

An accurate one, too.

Who has confidence in it anymore? The only logical conclusion to draw is that the FBI is a tool that allows officials to go after whomever they like and see the ones they dislike prosecuted and imprisoned.

But not them.

They are above the law.

If AG Barr can’t see that breaking the law is bad no matter who does it, then he can’t be trusted either.

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