What Went Wrong at the CA?

Today’s edition of the CA is one of the most haywire in a long time. Something is definitely amiss at their new HQs.

First, Page 1 isn’t Page 1. There was a wraparound ad for the YMCA. Even though it was just 4″ wide it was called Pages 1 and 2. That made the front page No. 3. Huh? Since when did an ad get to be Page 1?

The main stories included one on Labor Day that, I guess, was supposed to make us gasp. Tennessee gained jobs in the administrative, support, waste management, remediation, food services; plus transportation and warehousing. We lost in state government (excluding education), printing and related support activities and local government educational services in the last decade.

Looks like a good thing to me. Isn’t it always good when government shrinks in favor of industry and private companies?

The other story concerned outrage over the lastest Memphis magazine cover. It features caricatures of Herenton, Sawyer and Strickland. The complaint is that these are racially insensitive. Could a little of the outrage be competition with the CA? They had another story about Memphis Magazine halting distribution of the issue and it was redundant to the earlier story.

Whether the complaint is valid, consider the cartoon of President Trump they ran on the same day on the editorial page. His lips are huge, his hair exaggerated, his demeanor off putting. But that is a standard they use for him everyday. If you’re in politics, you’d better be tough.

No one at the paper seems to care much about fairness or accuracy. A headline on the first letter to the editor reads “Remembering WWI.” Fine, but the letter talks about Hitler invading Poland and the subsequent Holocaust. If I recall correctly, that was WWII.

Even the obits – which aren’t always run daily as if Death takes a holiday – had a bizarre reading. A man named Kenneth Walker passed away at 46. His obit went on to list his achievements and family members, most of which involved Arkansas. The last three sentences may have needed a little proofreading. It says “interment will be at Crittenden Memorial Park … Marion, AR. Qui a mange toutes les tartes pop? Online condolences, etc.”

In French that translates as who ate all the pop tarts? No mention at all of any French connections preceded that line. An editor said it was on the funeral home website. Maybe they should have asked why or clarified.

Nobody cares at the CA. Nobody is watching the content and nothing is as important as the Leftist agenda.

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