When You Need a Laugh

Joining the Babylon Bee for a daily chuckle is the Genesius Times.

What better way to make fun of liberalism than with humor? It’s probably the most effective tool to reach people in a way that will encourage them to think differently.

Here’s a sample of today’s laughs:

Headline: US Treasury honors Ocasio-Cortez with new ‘zero cents’ AOC coin

The economic intelligence of the US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is well-established and respected. But now it’s getting some serious respect from the US Treasury.

Starting this year, the Treasury will be rolling out the official AOC coins, worth zero cents.

You will not be able to buy anything with them in an effort to emulate the socialist paradise that Ocasio-Cortez endorses.

The irony is the homonym “zero sense,” which is funny since Ocasio-Cortez is so smart.

You can preorder your AOC coins on her favorite website and employer: Amazon.

You can bank on that making even the Lefties laugh.

Here’s another:

Headline: Thank God California banned plastic straws finally!

California has completed the equivalent of the moon landing today. They spent $4 billion ridding this beautiful feces-strewn state of evil plastic straws.

Many will say, “Straws aren’t a big deal with a homelessness and drug epidemic crushing the spirit of the people. Why worry about straws now? Look at this dump?”

But people said why climb Mount Everest, and yet Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton did it anyway. And people ask why worry about straws? Because we can!

Homelessness and drug addiction leading to a bunch of people shitting all over the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco are too big of problems. We can’t do anything about that. But we can ban straws! And so we did.

I think Gavin Newsom is an amazing leader and he should be president of the United States. He’s done such a great job everywhere he’s been in charge.

Sure, he’s presiding over the resurgence of the Bubonic plague, a disease that wiped out 1/3 of the European population in the Medieval Ages but, hey, he’s so dreamy.

That’s why I say Thank God—or generic celestial life force—that California banned straws finally!

Go and look at some of the others there at genesiustimes.com.

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