Winning in NC and 2020

Last night’s win by Dan Bishop and Greg Murphy in North Carolina are good signs for the Republican party for 2020.

It was predicted to be a close race for Bishop. Even Rush Limbaugh had doubts. He blamed early voting and noted also that “The Democrat has a couple of years of name recognition, already campaigning for this seat. It’s not permanent. Whoever wins this is gonna have to run for reelection again in a presidential turnout year. This will not be anywhere near a presidential turnout.”
All true, but Bishop won at about 51/49. I’ll take it. In purplish areas of the country like that district in North Carolina, that is a good sign.
It also shows the extreme force of nature that is Donald Trump. Bishop had been trailing by 17 points weeks earlier. After the massive Trump rally, he won.

The Democrats have to be worried about this. For the past three years they and the media have thrown everything they can think of at President Trump. They daily find new outrages and pound them for all the hours they have on air.

But when President Trump takes to the campaign trail, he will be able to rally many to his side despite their attempts. Conrad Black at AmericanGreatness sees two ticking time bombs in 2020:

The first is the gigantic eruption of the scandalous attempt to affect and undo the 2016 election. The second is the fact that when the public finally looks seriously at the Democratic candidates, the race will tilt like a teeter-totter when a 300-pound man sits at the opposite end to a child.

Every candidate in serious contention for the Democratic nomination, except Joe Biden, has championed tax, immigration, health care, and environmental policies that the great majority of Americans will not seriously entertain—and that is without getting into reparations for descendants of slaves and natives, and legalized infanticide. And the one prominent Democratic contender who can claim comparative sanity and civility—Biden—lacks the acuity for the office he now seeks and always has.

Almost the whole political class, except the president and his inner circle (if he has one), is somnambulating into an election that will be a fiery coruscation to all the outrages and enormities of the last three years. It is like an immense fireworks display, mounting inexorably to a tremendous climax of indictments and an electoral landslide.

Logic would have to concur. Recently I have heard people describe the Democrats as insane. They are, but there’s more to it than that.

They are bent on punishing America and Americans. They won’t be happy until our lives resemble prisoners’ in a Siberian gulag.

Yes, it’s that bad. Everything they’re about is taking away: our money, our guns, our energy, our gas, our travel plans (green new deal), our choice to expand our family, our health care benefits, our borders – even straws for beverages! The only thing they don’t want to take away is a woman’s “right” to kill her child.

They offer fear plus, blood, tears, toil and sweat. Only this time there is no depression or World War II. That is our new lifestyle.

I think Americans will pass on that.

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