Dems Follow GOP Losing Playbook

In both 2008 and 2012, Republicans nominated two candidates that the base did not like.

John McCain had a lot of GOP opposition. He attempted to bridge the gap by sliding right and then by nominating the conservative Sarah Palin for vice president. It didn’t work because the base didn’t believe him and didn’t show up at the polls.

We had seen his actions against his own party for years. Radio pundits like Rush and Hannity had dissed him. Politically involved Republicans knew he was a backbiting, bitter individual but had no choice but to vote for him over the even worse Barack Obama.

In the last eight years of his life McCain validated all our fears. He returned to his Progressive views, dumped on Palin, rekindled his bromance with Teddy Kennedy and let loose on Trump. The man revealed himself spectacularly when he called many of us Tea Party hobbits.

Then when 2012 came around the bigwigs at the GOP foisted Mitt Romney on us. Despite our reservations, Republicans voted for him again because he appeared a better choice than an Obama second term. He has since shown himself – like McCain – to be a bitter, mean spirited, selfish politician. Remember his speech in the 2016 campaign where he called Trump a con man and other harsh words? Even though Trump endorsed his Senate candidacy, Mitt now refuses to endorse Trump in 2020. The fight he didn’t have in 2012 he unleashed on his own in 2016 and now 2020.
Interestingly the Democrats are following suit.

In 2016 they pushed Hillary on the Democrat primary voters even though she did not have the enthusiasm of their base behind her. It was all with Bernie Sanders and those voters refused to show up at the polls for Hillary.

Now they’re doing it with Joe Biden. The man has come this far because of the myth of his electability. I believe that’s why he leads in their polls – if he truly does – because, like Republicans, the hierarchy is willing to back him if he can beat Trump.

He can’t and won’t. The Progressive and uber Leftists in the party will not coalesce behind Biden. Neither will black voters to the extent the party needs them. Biden has insulted them time after time. Just look at his recent “Corn Pop” story. He’s backed by black people and you can see the lack of interest in their faces.

There was some excitement in 2016 with Bernie. He’s lost that now and Elizabeth Warren has picked up some of his followers. Together, all the other Dem candidates are deep Leftists and they outweigh the “moderate” Biden. If Biden gets the nomination, they will scatter.

It’s interesting that the polls are being manipulated to favor Biden. Not a single primary Democrat voter has yet been counted and already they are saying it’s Biden’s.

The DNC is not listening to their base, much as the RNC didn’t in 2008 and 2012.

I think the outcome will be similar.

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