Candidate’s Pet Issue

With the city election happening on October 3rd, the postman/woman/cis gender person is delivering political info.

One I recently received was from “Marek for Memphis.” He is challenging Worth Morgan for his City Council seat.

It’s a different approach. This was a letter with his picture at the bottom right petting a cat. It reads, “Community Action for Animals is honored to endorse John Marek for Memphis City Council District 5.
“John Marek has a lifelong care and concern for animal welfare and strongly supports the enforcement of Memphis’ animal protection laws.
“John Marek is a progressive candidate who will work to protect the animals and citizens of Memphis by working to pass humane animal protection legislation and support the enforcement of the laws currently on the books.
“For these reasons, Community Action for Animals unequivocally endorses John Marek for Memphis City Council, District 5.”
Most of us are animal lovers, but what about Memphians? I’d put the value of human life before that of pet welfare. What about crime? How many of us are hurt by that? Is this guy serious?
Obviously not. After all, he’s a Progressive and we know what that means. He wants to change our culture radically, tax us to the hilt, take away our guns and remove our American values.

Although I have not been particularly happy with Worth Morgan’s tenure on the Council – he is squishy on Republican issues – there is no choice but to vote for him.

Read more about Marek below.

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