Pence Sense

With the House scheduled to vote on extending the middle class tax cuts today, Mike Pence (R-In) is introducing his own bill. With  Jim DeMint in the Senate, he wants to make the tax cuts permanent.

“Higher taxes don’t get anyone hired,” he told Fox’s Jenna Lee. “And putting a time limit on it would delay the recovery for another two years. What’s the difference if it is this January or two Januarys from now? Uncertainty is the enemy of prosperity,” Pence said.

Asked whether the meeting with President Obama produced anything, Pence said “the tone has changed, but the content hasn’t. It’s business as usual on Capitol Hill.” Calling the Democrats’ proposal “a legislative stunt,” Pence wants to also make permanent a repeal of the death tax and the AMT.

Although the Democrats currently have the majority and can vote to put a limit on the tax cuts for upper incomes, Pence was still hopeful. “A minority in Congress plus the American people equals a majority,” he said. Earlier he signaled that he would support a flat tax.

As for the proposal to extend unemployment insurance, the Indiana congressman said he could support that with the proviso that the money be taken from somewhere else, such as the unusued TARP money.

Looks like Pence will be a forceful Republican in the battles ahead.

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