Uh-O Canada!

Justin Trudeau won reelection in Canada last night. The whole event didn’t get much attention in the U.S. even though the USMCA trade agreement hangs on the outcome. Now it appears dead.

Our media might have ignored the election, but I bet Obama and his minions did not. Obama loves to play king maker, sending his Plouffe and Axelrod cronies to help out Leftist governments. He tried (tries) it in Israel, has before in Canada, Ukraine and anywhere else it benefits Progressives.

Trudeau’s party eked out a victory even though his Liberals lost 21 seats, the New Democrat Party lost 15 and the Conservatives gained 27. Their candidate, a guy named Sheer was a McCain/Romney style wuss. A commentator noted, “Sheer was going to keep the dairy subsidies ‘supply management’, Paris climate accord, wanted to raise the age Canadians could start collecting Old Age Supplement (which is an extra payment in addition to their Canada Pension which is their Social Security), and reverse hikes to the CPP which would mean less money for future retirees.”

And, “Canadians voted to keep the illusion of the good times going. They voted for things they don’t have the money to pay for. Canadian households have the highest household debt ratio of any developed country, by a significant margin, and home to two of the biggest global real estate bubbles fueled by illegal foreign money (Vancouver and Toronto).”

Someone else commented on the dire facts of Canada’s future: “The 2016 census returned a result of 22% of the Canadian population as foreign born. 5% of that alone were people that identified as Chinese. That number will increase dramatically given the number of HK Chinese that hold “Safety passports” they paid for in cash at the turnover but didn’t take up Canadian residency, and that does not take into account the mainland Chinese that have a foothold through purchase of entrepreneur visas or the express train of Muslim refugees that have been permanently resettled in Canada by the Trudeau government.

“The 22% from 2016 – that percentage is significantly higher now, and centered in the urban centers, which control how the votes go. The situation in Canada is much different than the US. Trump is trying to prevent the US from becoming Canada in that respect. Scheer tried to run on a “Canada First” immigration policy, but it was half-hearted at best. I think the 2021 census is going to be a shocker for Conservative Canadians, but the Progressives (Liberals, NDP, Greens) will cheer.

“Canada delenda est.”

This is the reason we have the Electoral College. Leftists keep trying to take it down. That would give, as in Canada’s case, all the power to a few big cities. They would more or less enslave the rest of the country.

Yet the “empathetic, broad minded, liberal groups” are all for it as the way to express the will of the people. Somehow these new geniuses have realized things that escaped the notice of those ignorant framers. They know more and better than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison etc.

One Canadian added, “Hopefully, that after a few more years of this BS, the country will Wake Up and Walk Away, just like Americans did after 8 years of Obama. Hopefully, somewhere in Canada there’s someone we don’t know about yet who can stir it up, like Trump did here.”

Glad I don’t live in Canada.

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