Alexander Vote Disturbing

This week the Senate took up the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We’re all for food at Midtown Republican and we want it safe, too.

But, as always, a nice sounding name can hide a flawed bill. That’s the case with this bill. It will grow  the government, grow   the number of federal inspectors as employess, grow the government’s say in our lives,  grow food prices and grow  our taxes. Someone get the Weed B Gone!

So why did Senator Alexander vote for this disaster? Sadly, he joined 13 other Republicans to pass this. Brown, Burr, Collins (not a surprise, eh?), Enzi, Grassley, Gregg (he’s leaving), Johanns, Kirk (part RINO), LeMieux (he’s leaving, too), Lugar (bye bye), Murkowski (a RINO), Snowe (ditto) and Vitter (?). Even Orrin Hatch, eager to burnish his conservative creds before 2012, denounced the bill. He called it “government expansion at a huge price to the taxpayers.”

Fortunately, because Harry Reid messed up and jumped the House in racing to sign on to this, the bill will probably stall.

But why would Alexander do this!

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