Straka Talks the Walk

One of the other speakers who electrified CPAC was Brandon Straka.

You may have seen him on the news or on an hour long interview Mark Levin did. Straka started the #WalkAwayMovement. WalkAway, like Blexit, urges people to leave the Democrat party. In his case, it is his fellow gays, who he feels completely misunderstand Conservatism.

His own conversion did not come til 2017. He had voted for Hillary. Growing up in rural Nebraska in the 80s and 90s, Straka had come to believe that Republicans hated minorities. When he moved to New York City, the messages he got reinforced his belief.

“Liberals live in a bubble,” he said, “where all the news and messages recirculate. After the election I couldn’t understand why Trump won so I went on a quest to find out. I went to social media. I had seen the video that appeared to show Trump mocking a reporter with a disability.” He was appalled.

Then a relative sent him a video that showed Trump was not mocking the man, but had used the same mannerisms in other campaign appearances. “It was almost as if CNN lied to me,” he laughed. Further research showed him that the media was indeed using fear to manipulate people.

“On May 18 of 2017 I shot a video of everything wrong with the Democrats and urged people to walk away from them. I encouraged others to post a video.” He had an amazing response and his movement was launched.

“I’ve come to fall in love with Trump supporters,” Straka said. “But we don’t fight back. It’s time for the silent majority not to be silent. Stop allowing the media to define you. There is a great awakening, but social media suppresses us and we must build our own media entity.

“We must stand up for Trump in return for all he is doing for us.”
Straka has a website,, which explains his experience and takes donations.

He has big plans for a march on Washington before the election on October 3, 2020. You can find out more about that at

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