Gov. Lee at CPAC

Reporters made a big deal about Governor Bill Lee not addressing national (i.e. impeachment frenzy) issues at the CPAC conference Tuesday.

The CA reporter wrote, “The governor’s speech at CPAC Memphis stood in marked contrast to those that preceded him including former U.S. Ambassador Bill Hagerty, who is running to succeed Lamar Alexander in the U.S. Senate.
“In his address, Lee talked about criminal justice reform, mentorship and school choice. He hardly acknowledged the national conversation and rhetoric that had been the focus of the morning’s events so far.”

This is nonsense. Why would he? He is governor of Tennessee and as such has many state issues to contend with. I never expected him to delve into national politics and he didn’t.

Ambassador Hagerty comes from a different, international perspective. He has dealt with Trump personally as he represented us in Japan. He agrees with his policies, particularly China. It was “liberal socialists that called me back to run,” he said. As a senator, international policy will be part of his duties.

Lee, by contrast, looks after our state.

The TennCare block grant proposal he is backing is one of his priorities and the only reason most of those reporters were even at CPAC. They accosted him after his speech, waiting in the open area in hopes they could get another lick in against the block grants.

The CA and other sources tell us all the time that the public has given his plan “negative comments.” We don’t know that. That’s what they tell us.

We are all too familiar with this kind of reporting. It needs to be placed in the same trash receptacle most of what they spew deserves.

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