At Last, Rogers Surfaces

We hear a lot about “bombshells” in the Russia/Ukraine/spygate scandals. We hear “tick tocks” from Sean Hannity about explosive information to be revealed.

Yet the truth still goes unnoticed by a great number of Americans.

That may change if prosecutor John Huber has indeed interviewed former Director of National Intelligence Admiral Mike Rogers. I’ve wondered for a long time where Rogers is and why he has been quiet.

As Joe DiGenova notes in this interview, Rogers is “the rosetta stone” of the whole matter. He is the one, it is believed, who tried to stop the spying on candidate and President Elect Trump that was being done by the Obama administration. Rogers went to Trump Towers in mid November and had a chat with Trump. The very next day Trump moved everything to his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club to avoid further bugging.

Reportedly (but not widely, which is in line with mainstream media ignoring the truth), Rogers has been interviewed several times by Huber. In a radio interview, DiGenova discusses the importance of this.

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