News Before It’s News

Sometimes it’s more interesting to read the newspaper a day or two late.

For instance, Friday’s unemployment rate, a jump to 9.8% with a pathetic 39,000 jobs added, had been anticipated much differently in Thursday and pre announcement Friday stories. Saturday the AP story I read had some howlers.

“November marked a two-year low for the number of people applying for initial unemployment benefits, suggesting that the tight job market may be easing at last,” wrote Jeannine Aversa. “The slowing of layoffs and a solid month for retailers are the latest evidence of a strengthening economy in the final months of the year.

“Some economists are now sketching a more optimistic forecast for today’s report on November employment, though few expect a change in the 9.6 unemployment rate,” she continued.

Funny, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. I suspect a non expert on the street could have made a better guess than our “experts.” Just goes to show that the media is in the tank for Obama and will try to influence the news rather than report it.

Whatever happened to journalists waiting until the actual facts are announced before reporting them? Is this such a strange concept?

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