That Iranian Connection

Very few Americans realize that some of our top people have odd ties to Iran.

Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s main advisor and consigliere, was born in Iran. With someone that close to him favoring that country is it any wonder Obama made the terrible Iran deal?

Did you know that Lisa Page – Strzok lover, Trump hater – also has ties to Iran?

BizPac notes, “Page’s mother, Tamara Najarian, is a naturalized American citizen who reportedly immigrated to the United States in the 1970s. Thus, Page appears to feel a familial bond of sorts to the rogue regime and, it would appear, its government.”

Here are some tweets from her from earlier this month: “My mother emigrated from Iran in her 20s, to forge a better life for herself” and “Iran is smart and strategic and all over the world. Iran isn’t an irrational actor, but they have the pride of a 5,000 year old culture. I fear they are going to hit back in a way to remind America that they are a real and independent country. I hope I’m wrong.”

Does she? A major player in the Spygate/Russiagate attempted coup? She didn’t reject Peter Strzok’s assessment of Americans as smelly Walmart people.

Speaking of Peter Strzok, her married lover, he has an Iranian connection, too, also through a parent.
Peter grew up in Iran and attended the American school in Iran until it was closed in 1978 and then went to the American school in Saudi Arabia. reports:

In 1979, the Eau Claire, Wisconsin Leader-Telegram ran an article that discussed Peter Strzok, the dad. It said that Strzok, the dad, had just left Iran that February. The newspaper said that the dad “hopes the government of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini will stabilize the country.”

The article noted: “Strzok’s wife and eight-year-old son, Peter, returned to the U.S. Jan. 6.” His wife, the agent’s mother, Virginia, was a teacher at the American school in Tehran and Peter Strzok, the father, “was working for a firm which sold and serviced 2,000 helicopters for the Iranian government.”

It quoted the elder Strzok as saying, “I’d like very much to go back to Iran,” and it adds that Strzok spent “two terms of military service and seven months as a civilian in the country.”

It says that Strzok was a support unit manager for Bell Helicopter, Inc., and says the paper asked Strzok about the “issue of treatment of Americans in Iran.”

He said the “resentment of America was because Iranians linked the U.S. involved (sic) with the Shah,” explained the Leader-Telegram.

The article quotes Strzok as saying, “When you have a country where hundreds were killed and only two Americans out of the thousands in that country were slain, you can’t make a case of physical violence against Americans,” noting that no Americans were killed in the attack on the American embassy. He said that he hoped “Khomeini would be able to unite those factions and form a stable government,” the newspaper reported.


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