The Continual War on Fincher

The election ended November 2 and Stephen Fincher won the 8th district seat,┬ábut that doesn’t mean The Commercial Appeal’s campaign against him has ended.

They just can’t let go. They seem to have singled him out as someone who must lose next time around, even before he gets to Washington, D.C.

The shocking news they now have on him is that he has hired a lawyer for what they call his “ongoing campaign finance problems.” Not just any lawyer; a lawyer who worked for Tom Delay, the former House Republican majority leader. Somehow, this should make you gasp. The reader should find Fincher guilty by association. If you are under the illusion that Americans are innocent before proven guilty, you should realize that that never applies to Republicans. Charlie Rangel gets a limp slap on the wrist for his proven misdeeds, but Fincher needs a slap down before anything even gets examined.

It’s towards the end of the piece that you find out the lawyer didn’t even represent Delay at his most recent trial.

Please, reporters, can we wait for some actual news before jumping to conclusions?

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