Voting Has Started

Although the election date is March 3, early voting has started.

Here’s a little info provided by the Shelby County Republicans. Paul Boyd is the former Probate Court Clerk.

Candidates fro RNC delegate are provided here as a courtesy. Those candidates from Shelby County are Peggy Larkin, Nichole Bufolino, Elaine Ervin, Jim Craig and the bottom 9th Congressional district list.

State wide candidates – vote for 14
Steve Allbrooks
Julia Atchley-Pace
Mae Beavers
Chad Blackburn
Linda D. Buckles
Jane Chedester
Beth Scott Clayton
Douglas M. Englen
Lei Ann Gleaves
Shannon Haynes
Jack Johnson
Amy Jones
William Lamberth
Peggy Larkin
Jennifer Inman Little
Mary Littleton
Raul Lopez
Paulina Albornoz Madaris
Nazar Sharanshi
Robin T. Smith
Dalton Temple
Rick Tillis
Susan Richardson Williams
Marsha Yessick
Jake Adams
Wanda J. Cooke
Leslie D. Mills
Patricia D. Mills
Larry M. Sims

8th Congressional Distrist – vote for 3
Nichole Bufalino
Joseph S. Coury
Elaine S. Ervin
Charlotte Kelley
Steve Maroney
Jim Craig

9th Congressional Distrist – vote for 3
Charlotte Bergmann
Drew Daniel
Tina R. McElravey
Terry Roland
Arnold Weiner

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