Sweet Revenge

There’s a cable TV show called “Cupcake Wars.” When that show was envisioned, I doubt they knew how relevant that title would be.

It’s not war between cupcake bakers as they might have thought, but the war Michelle Obama has declared on the little treats of childhood, and later,   adult comfort food. Little Debbie, better run for cover!

And not just Little Debbie; the taxpayer should, too. The $4.5 billion bill backed by the First Lady, wants to provide full meals to students in all 50 states, as well as derail bake sales and other school sponsored fund raisers that might sell what she considers unhealthy food.

Vending machines and school cafeterias also fall under the government’s ever watchful eye.

Is it really about getting kids healthier food? Of course not.

These people want to control every part of our lives, from the light bulbs on our nightstands to the contents of a child’s lunch bag. They also want to diminish the role of parents, implying that mom and dad don’t care what you eat or where you eat it. An early casualty of after school meals is the family dinner table. Why bother gathering together and sharing the day’s events when Uncle Sam can do that for you? Why bother having a family effort in making treats together to raise money? Uncle Sam will provide. And he knows better than we do what’s good for us.

While doing so, Michelle Obama and her friends can make sure the right people get that federal money, too. The people who are in unions, who back Democrats, who share the green view can get a nice little kickback.

The left has decided sex education, condoms and, in some states, marijuana, are fine for our children. Just watch out for the real villains: brownies, ho ho’s and cupcakes.

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