Super Tuesday Takeaways

First, congratulations to Paul Boyd, our Republican front runner, who will now go against Joe Brown for General Sessions Court Clerk.

There is a plethora of analysis on the internet this morning analyzing Biden’s big Super Thursday, ahem, Tuesday, win.

Some good takeaways are at Breitbart, in particular, here: Writer Nick Nolte makes a good case for why it is a good thing if Joe Biden is the one facing Trump in November.

The Conservative Treehouse also has good takeaways, especially here: It basically says that whoever controls the DNC forced Buttegieg and Klobuchar to parachute out in order to bump up Biden and kept Warren in to take away votes from Bernie. As the writer says, don’t expect Warren to go away in the near future as a normal candidate would. She’s there to scuttle Sanders.

Why would the honchos – and who are the puppet masters behind the DNC – settle on Biden, a guy who doesn’t know where he is or who he’s with? Last night in a victory speech he mistook his sister for his wife and wife for a sister. Who in his right mind does that?

He’s also been all over the map for most of his career on various issues. Trump will certainly call him out on his Iraq war stance, votes on criminal incarceration of minorities and dubious ethics.

The latter is why I think the DNC is backing him.

The Deep State will use Biden as a shield for their very own criminal enterprises. Whenever Republicans bring up Ukraine or China, for example, which the Deep State has been shown to be as deeply imbedded as a cancerous tumor, they will cry victim. They will say that Trump has unfairly targeted Biden because of his own Ukraine dealings.

Of course this is nonsense, but who plays the victim card better than the Democrats? It has served them well for decades. Consider what might happen if AG Barr starts indictments on Biden. They will rally the troops for Biden, aka themselves, and have the media’s help in proclaiming outrage.

Biden will protect all the Deep State players. He will be the target, not them. He is their puppet and he answers to the puppet masters behind the scenes.

And wouldn’t you like to know who’s behind the strategy of the DNC? Clearly, some big people are maneuvering.

Is it the Clintons? The Obama machine? George Soros? Probably the boss behind all this is unknown to us. Would we had some journalists willing to look into this!

Republicans have heavyweights who manage things, too, I think, but nothing like the Democrats. They are in the grasp of some big entity. If the GOP were similarly entangled, we would never have prevailed with Trump. They tried to bury him numerous times, but didn’t have the ability and long arm the Dems have.

Here’s one example of the Democrat plan. Remember how Nancy Pelosi shocked many people by saying it would be OK if Bernie was the nominee? In retrospect, she said that because she knew he wouldn’t be. Word had come down that the plan to oust him was working. Pelosi looked good to the Progressive wing and party unity when she made that remark. She didn’t mean it, I believe.

Also, Harry Reid of Nevada got the word. After the caucus vote there he came out for Biden. Notice he didn’t do it before the election. He didn’t want to tick off Bernie voters. Now he got the green light to fall in line with Biden.

Rush Limbaugh says the DNC is using Biden as a disposable loss to Trump. In other words, they know he will lose and they can not waste any future talent in a defeat.

This doesn’t contradict what I think.

It just all shows how the DNC cannot let its people decide elections. Just like they didn’t get to in 2016, they won’t get to in 2020.

So much for democracy.

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