MacCallum’s Shocker

Interestingly, the townhall Fox News had with President Trump Thursday in Scranton, Pa., was the most watched townhall ever.

That should tell you something about Trump support.

I admit I did not watch it live. I do not trust Martha MacCallum or Bret Baier. However, I heard it was decent so watched it on YouTube without commercials. Much better.

I was shocked when MacCallam called on David, an audience member, referrring to him as a typical voter, saying that he was a lifelong Democrat who crossed over and voted for Trump in 2016.

Who says that a Democrat who crosses over is a typical voter? What kind of assumption is that? From statistics I’ve seen, the typical voter is an independent. If Republicans aren’t currently ahead of Democrats in voter-ship, they are at least about equal. Where does MacCallum get this assumption?

Facts, reporters, facts please.

Stop trying to influence the voter base by having them think most Americans are Democrats. They aren’t. If anything, that party is splintering into a Dem/Socialist group.

Then MacCallum compounds her bias with this: “I’m curious, is there anything, or any issue that they could answer for you that would change your mind, do you think?”

Wishful thinking on her part was rewarded with this answer: “I’m focused on the economy and regulation and deregulation. And I like what’s happened in the country in the last 4 years.”

Trump interrupted to thank him. David added, “And I thank you for your efforts, sir. And I hope we can continue on that.”

“So, no. The answer would be no. Nothing could change your mind?” MacCallum asked. “No, nothing could change your mind,” she clarified.

Trying to the bitter end to score points for the Dems.

That’s why Fox News will eventually fall to the less biased, individual shows put up on YouTube. They may be the most trusted name in news, but that isn’t saying a lot in today’s media.

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