A New America?

There is no doubt that the unprecedented self quarantining of Americans will have a lasting effect on our national psyche.

But what will that be exactly?

It should be that our citizens realize that the Democrats care as much about our citizens as the coronavirus does its host. Like the virus, they want to suck the life out of the country for their own benefit, then move on.

The Left dreams of remaking America and Nancy Pelosi in particular wants to use this tragedy as a means of achieving her new America, devoid of any Constitutional requirements, capitalism, freedom or the ideas put forward by the Framers.

Since Trump is in charge, this will not happen.

Instead, we may arrive at a new America more within the vision of our Founders.

The ideas of open borders, fake “free trade” with China that eviscerates our own businesses, silly regulations that constrict growth and are the life blood of bureaucrats will suffer a demise. Globalism is dead. It should be, because now we know it is deadly. Just look at Italy.

So is life in a big urban center like New York. Long have the denizens of New York and LA looked down on flyover country. We drive our own cars! We can’t use a subway! We can’t stand in line with dozens of others at Zabar’s for a bagel. We can’t fork over a week’s salary for a squeezed in seat at Broadway’s Hamilton. And we keep stores of provisions in our energy gluttinous homes instead of being environmentally friendly and living day by day. We even use plastic bags at the grocery store because we are not “woke” enough to realize how we’re sickening Mother Earth.

Manhattanites, you might want to rethink that now as New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus.

Victor Davis Hanson has some further reflections:

COVID-19 will create bipartisan pressure to adopt policies of keeping key U.S. industries — such as medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and military applied high-tech — in America. Americans will not again wish to outsource the vast majority of their chemotherapy-drug, antibiotic, and heart-medicine production to a government that cannot be trusted and that sees such globalized output as a weapon to be used in extremis.

Although we cannot see it now, spin-off effects from the panic and frenzy will eventually fuel more economic recovery. Oil prices are nearing record modern lows, ensuring cheap gas for spring and summer American drivers. Cheap mortgages and car loans likewise will spur buying, as will relief once the virus wanes and splurging ensue.

It will be salutary for Americans to once again appreciate the value of muscular labor, as those who grow food, transport it, and provide us energy and sanitation while protecting us from danger, foreign and domestic, have allowed millions of Americans to stay home, sequestered and quarantined but safe with plenty of food, water, and uninterrupted sanitation and public safety. In these days of crisis, we should not forget that millions of often unmentioned Americans have made us the world’s greatest energy and most diverse food producer — a singular position that China, with over four times our population, envies.

Before the outbreak, China was trying to game its trade war in terms of how best to hurt the hated Trump administration. Ironically, its abhorrence only strengthened the U.S. in ways no one in the pre-COVID-19 days could have imagined.

Call it paradox, irony, karma, or even tragedy, but China emerges from its deceit about the coronavirus outbreak in its weakest position since its Westernization began under Deng Xiaoping. And the U.S., after some rocky months ahead, if it stays calm, will likely reemerge in its strongest state in memory vis-à-vis its rivals.

I believe so, too.

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