Biggest Ripoff Ever Tomorrow

Tomorrow President Obama is set to sign into law Pigford 2, called by many the greatest taxpayer ripoff of all time.

While everyone has been busy talking about the tax extension, legislators have opened the Treasury to blacks with tens of thousands of dollars going out to people without much requirement at all on their part.

To backtrack; Ever wonder what happened to the issue of reparations? Our own Steve Cohen professed he was behind it. Yet once the Democrats took control of Congress, nary a word was said about it. Why? Because they have found a backdoor way to do it. It’s called the Pigford settlements, first one and tomorrow, another installment. It was passed as a way to repay black farmers for discrimination done to them by the USDA.

Andrew Breitbart stumbled upon the whole issue last summer when he had a tape of Sherrie Sherrod. She was the black woman from the Agriculture Department caught on tape spewing racist remarks against white farmers. Sherrod was fired, then Breitbart got caught in a hate-storm when it appeared the full tape had not been shown.

Of course, he was accused of being racist. When he began digging into Sherrod’s background he found out some interesting things. For instance, Sherrod and her husband, Charles, with a decades long defunct communal farm were in line to get $13 million thanks to the Pigford settlement. Breitbart began researching more when he heard April Ryan of Urban Radio Network mention the Pigford settlement and call it “a litmus test of the Obama administration’s relationship with black Americans.”

It seems Senator Obama, with Senator Joe Biden, introduced the legislation in 2007 with an eye on garnering the black vote in the rural South, the area where most of it is due. He found out that in Pigford 1, billions of dollars were given out to black “farmers” who did not have to prove they had ever farmed; without proof they had ever had a loan at the USDA and without ever having filed paperwork to attain a loan. All it required to get the money was a statement they had attempted to farm, with a family member vouching for it. For this, it appears 94,000 blacks got checks for $50,000 each; “oddly” statistics only recognized there being 18,000 black farmers.

Writing at, black farmer Jimmy Dismuke, who has 200 acres in Arkansas to raise hogs, called Pigford “the biggest ripoff this country has ever known.” He details knowing people with a potted plant in their apartments qualifying; eight people in one home getting checks; drug addicts and pushers getting them, too.

Breitbart has released his investigation, “The Pigford Shakedown: How the Black Farmers’ Cause was Highjacked by Politicians, Trial Lawyers and Community Organizers – Leaving Us With a Billion Dollar Tab.” He has been about the only journalist calling attention to this issue and has devoted most of to it this week. Go and read the whole of what he has found out.

Rush Limbaugh is quoted as saying “it is corruption right out in front of everybody’s eyes.” Tomorrow, phase two gets signed in Washington.

Where has the media been on this story?

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