Media Dislikes Freedom of the Press

Yes, you read that correctly.

What else can you assume when One America News has been thrown out of the daily White House coronavirus briefings – by the press itself.

Yesterday and the day before President Trump had the audacity to call on the network’s White House correspondent, Chanel Rion. He even praised the network, as he has before.

She asked a question that was not a gotcha one. This got her kicked out of the White House press.
Gatewaypundit reports:
“One America News Network has been removed by the White House Correspondents Association from the rotation of press outlets granted seats at the daily White House coronavirus task force briefings after OANN reporter Chanel Rion allegedly violated in-house rules by twice showing up at the briefings without an assigned seat. The seating for the press has been limited due to CDC guidelines for social distancing because of the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Rion has attended the briefings as a guest of White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.”

Rion asked Defense Secretary Mike Esper about the WHO confirming that Iran has been downplaying the number of its coronavirus victims.
“CBS News White House reporter Paula Reid complained about Rion’s appearance at the briefing, “OANN reporter once again standing in back of WH Briefing in defiance of social distancing requirements set in place by @WHCA. OANN is in the rotation of reporters who get to attend briefings but seem to think they get to play by different rules & put safety at risk.”

That prompted the White House Correspondents Association to send this announcement:

It was fast too. Just hours after the briefing.

Guess who the president of the WHCA is? Jonathan Karl. Of ABC News. A decidedly leftist Democrat.

This isn’t the first time OAN’s Rion has gotten nasty notes from other press.
I think it was just last week that this note was left for her:

As much as they decry anyone who criticizes a woman, calling it sexist and misogynistic, it’s open season on a conservative one. The fact that she’s good looking probably offends them, too.
Do you think if Jim Acosta of CNN was at the back of the room asking questions, the press would call for his ouster?

I think the answer to that question shows that freedom of the press applies only to Leftists. The rest of the press is to be destroyed.

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