Nursing an Evil Story

Perhaps you saw this video put out by CBS News:

A devastating indictment of our hospital system amid the coronavirus, hmm?

Turns out not so much.
PJMedia and many others looked into this person, Imaris Vera.

Via Victoria Taft at PJ:

“That’s right, they’re not wearing surgical masks in the hallways. It doesn’t appear she actually said they weren’t wearing masks in the rooms of COVID-19 patients, but that’s not what CBS wanted you to think.

“My colleague, Megan Fox, saw Vera’s original Instagram post and asked her to provide the name of the hospital so she could get a comment from them. No response. In fact, we still do not know where this woman worked.

“On her Instagram page, the woman claims to be a traveling nurse. In February, she was thrilled to get a contract at a hospital after being off ICU work for a year and a half:

“✌🏼 Two 12+ hour shifts coming right up !!! Laundry 🧺 , cleaning 🧹 , meal-prepping 🍴 , mental pep-talks 🧠 & possibly crying 😭 over a glass of wine! 🍷 lol How do you prep for a shift(s) or clinicals?

So I’m three weeks into my first ICU contract in over a year and half after cross training as a traveler into Interventional Radiology. I’m honestly struggling a bit & know it’s my depression & bi-polar disorder trying to get the best of me!”

“Twitter sleuths sprung into action and noted that, according to her own posts, Vera lasted only four days on the job before she quit because the information about COVID-19 ‘triggered’ her.

Four days into the job and 90% are dying and on ventilators. Notice she admits information TRIGGERS her. Ya, think?
β€” Rosie memos (@almostjingo) April 6, 2020

Took internet sleuths about 5 minutes to obliterate her
β€” Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel) April 6, 2020

“Sadly, since she is ‘struggling from depression and bi-polar disorder and feeling “triggered,” one might think the ICU would be a bit too overwhelming. Some less generous folks compared her to Jussie Smollett and called her a “crisis actor.”

Remember when Jussie Smollett was paraded by #FakeNewsMedia because it hurt Trump …

Meet the crying nurse. @CBS you make the Enquirer look ?? Legitimate ??

And this is why you have ZERO Credibility.#KAG#GodBlessPresidentTrump
β€” ???????????#KAG #ChinaLiedPeopleDied (@LVNancy) April 6, 2020

Indeed, two days ago, before CBS did its treatment of Vera’s story, she did an interview with WGN TV in Chicago and admitted that the still-unnamed hospital did give nurses N-95 masks but told them to wear one per day.

Looks like she’s been around Twitter and Instagram before. Take a look at these photos of her.

CBS News doesn’t understand that we’re on to their fake news attempts. It’s a new era.


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