Nextdoor Response at Fever Pitch

This morning a Central Garden resident went on Nextdoor and asked people to sign a petition to Governor Lee to reopen Tennessee.

I am not for that, but I respect the opinion. Many intelligent people are suggesting it’s near time.

Our fellow liberals in Midtown did not agree. The person got lambasted. No insult was spared against him. Here’s a sample:
“Ignorant.” “Not debatable.” “Irresponsible, the worst thing that could be done.”
“Ignorance is rampant in Central Gardens.” “Sign a petition to keep him muted.”
“Willful ignorance and uniformed (sic) opinon (sic) are the scourge of our land, our world and in this instance, our community and state.”

“… given the only people who may not be at risk are those who have had and recovered from this virus, your assertion that 99% of us are safe is, to put it bluntly, stupid and self-serving. The reality of it is that 99% of us are at risk.”
“Mental illness is real.”

“It’s (sic) must be a bot. No one is that stupid…..except that one idiot that lives somewhere else.”
Aside from the observation that the heat of passion has obscured these writers’ grammar and spelling, I’d have to say that they prefer insults to rational arguments.

My favorite, however, was this: “You must be a Trump supporter.”
Never miss an opportunity to say Orange Man Bad, right, even though Trump was the first to shut things down?
For that move the liberals howled like hyenas, using the usual invectives of racist and xenophobe. Logic doesn’t much appeal to them.

Since when have liberals become divorced from the origin of their thinking? Liberal is supposed to mean “Favoring reform, open to new ideas, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; not bound by traditional thinking; broad-minded. synonym: broad-minded.”
They’ve abandoned that. There are only pre-programmed ideas. The Left has shut down any pretense of open mindedness. Tolerance is no longer in their lexicon.

Again, I don’t believe things should open quite yet in Shelby or Davidson counties. I don’t believe the coronavirus curve has flattened here yet.

But, surely discourse can remain polite and logical. Isn’t that what the Left/media is always yapping about? And yet, here’s another example of what they really are.

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