Getting Noticed

George Will takes a look at Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) in today’s Washington Post. It’s worth a look.

“Why Mike Pence Catches Conservatives’ Eyes” shares a lot about Pence that will hearten Republicans. Pence, 51, and in his sixth term in Congress, may be considering a run for the White House. That would be welcome news.

Will notes that the former talk radio host now congressman speaks easily and fluently on many topics. If you have ever heard him, you can see why he garnered top place at the Values Voters Summit over the summer. He’s not afraid of social issues and considers them an important part of being a conservative. In particular, as Will outlines, Pence sees the collapse of the traditional family and is not afraid to fight for it.

As for economic issues, he voted against TARP and Will’s telling of his stance on the addition of prescription drugs to Medicare is illustrative.

Add Pence to the growing list of presidential candidates. The Republican Party has a deep bench of worthy people.

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