Holding Trump Hostage

It’s evident to anyone who has even a few neurons working that the Dems want to make the economy fail so that Trump loses the election.

Democrat governors are using every tool they can to make this happen. First, it was screaming about inadequate amounts of ventilators (something they should have stewarded themselves for their states); then it was inadequate testing (as if tests for a new virus can be conjured up even before they arrive).

Now they are threatening to keep their states shut for a year or more. The blackfaced loving/infant slaughtering/2nd amendment hating Northam of Virginia is even talking about a full two years before things can open again!
Mayor DeBlasio wants to stranglehold New York City til 2021 and California’s Newsom wants to keep his state shut for awhile, too.

Ultimately this will fail as citizens will defy this in mass numbers and go back to work anyhow.

Now the floundering Democrat states of New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California and Connecticut are wanting bailouts. Most have unfunded pension liabilities that they know cannot be met, even though they are all too willing to spend money on green energy projects and financing the way for illegal immigrants via housing, education, food and health care.

You can see one of the arguments they use in the story below this one.

Watch New York’s Gov. Cuomo erupt at the thought that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not willing to come to their rescue:

Ethics of it? It’s OK for states like ours whose legislatures control spending to have to pay for other states’ profligacy? Absurdity? That you live within your huge budget? Meanness? Since when is it mean to ask you to stop your giveaways and have other states deny their citizens basic needs?

The Conservativetreehouse comments, “every Blue state governor knows if they declare bankruptcy they will never sell another bond again…. which means no investment… which means they will implode.

“If the laws changed allowing states to declare bankruptcy, internally the blue states would collapse… there would be a massive exodus… people would flee the rust and collapse…. housing values would plummet overnight in Blue states…. business would leave… unemployment would skyrocket…. it would be statewide chaos.

“The ultimate result would be smaller populations within the Blue state misery zones.”

This threat is disgusting and shows what the Democrats truly want – power.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution. Vote them all out in November.

Will Americans do this? Let’s hope so.

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