Best Documentary on CCP Flu

If you aren’t watching shows on YouTube, you are missing out on the real news.

I like the variety of topics you can explore, plus the interviews and documentaries run as long as they need to, mostly without commercials, and no interview has to be cut off because of time constraints.
One interesting channel is the Epoch Times and their series “American Thought Leaders.” Check it out.

An offshoot of Epoch Times is Crossroads with Joshua Philipps. He is covering the coronavirus, or as they pointedly call it, the CCP flu, to emphasize that it is not all Chinese, but the Communist Party that is responsible for it.

I watched his documentary, Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus, which explains how we got here. It is probably the best explanation of what happened. No news network or newspaper has explored it as fully as he has.

The doc runs almost an hour, but it is worth your time as it scientifically breaks down what happened.

If you thought this was from the wet market or that it was something we’ve taken too seriously, watch this film.

You can find it on YouTube or watch it here:

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