USA Today to the Rescue

First, the CA did such an incredibly stupid thing – one of many – in today’s paper.

Yesterday’s suburban section sent to every driveway they can find, whether people want it or not, had a big picture of a young woman and the headline “How a recovered COVID-19 patient is helping others.” It concerned a Memphis girl who graduated from St. Mary’s in 2017 and found herself down with the disease.

I guess the CA liked the story so much, or was hit with a communal case of amnesia, that the story reappeared on today’s front page. Usually repetition is a big no no in journalism. Apparently no one follows rules for journalism anymore at this sub par publication.

Which is borne out in another story, guaranteed to alarm those of us who revere the Constitution. Susan Page of USA Today writes a story headlined “America’s need for Big Government soars.”

It begins, “In the era of coronavirus, Big Government is back. Americans by double digit margins say the federal government is doing too little, not too much, to deal with the health and economic repercussions of the deadly pandemic that has now infected more than 1 million people across the country, a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds.”

This “bombshell” poll, as it is portrayed, finds that 50% say government should do more vs. 40% who say it does too much. In September of last year, Page says, the poll found 49% say government didn’t do enough and 47% said too much.

Is 1% a “soar?” Wouldn’t that be within the range of error of any poll?

Sorry, but this headline and dubious story sound like a lifeline thrown out to flailing Democrats.

A little background on the reporter. Susan Page has been around for six administrations. She was president of the White House Correspondents Association in 2000 and she likes to appear on cable news shows (not Fox of OAN by the way) and on NPR. Last year she signed a deal to write a biography of Nancy Pelosi.

Doesn’t seem like someone who is an independent journalist. Looks like she has a point of view she likes to inflict on Americans.

We’ve come to expect that.

The story also refuses to acknowledge all the protests going on around the country that are objecting to further lockdowns. Most of the unhappy people and the ones dying the most, appear to be in liberal states like New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, etc. Maybe “Big Government” isn’t working out too well for them. It appears that in New York “Big Government” (which denied a problem at first) liked putting COVID victims in nursing homes without any concern for the health of residents.

That’s your “Big Government” at work.

Of course we also don’t get any breakdown on the people interviewed for the poll. Were they voters? How many Democrats, Republicans, Independents? Ages? Employed? When they don’t tell you that in a story, you can assume they have something to hide.

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