How to Respond to “Trump’s a Racist”

If you’re a Trump supporter you’ve probably been told by a friend, friends or family that “Trump’s a raaacissst.” In today’s society, that is the easiest and most damning thing the Left can say. And they say it frequently, hoping the mere repetition of it will persuade people.

In this they are probably right.

They successfully tagged him with racism after the Charlottesville incident, although Trump said nothing about supporting White Supremacists. He, in fact, condemned their stance. Prager U powerfully debunks that here:

Actually, when Trump first became a candidate, it was hard put to see how they could label him a racist, as he had been active in media and New York life for a long time and no such charge ever surfaced. In the late 1990s, Jesse Jackson called Trump a friend and “builder of men.” Trump gave him office space in New York and saw to it that black businesses got loans.

Truth is no impediment to the Left, however.

Here are some more bullet points to remember when accosted by a racist spewing Trump hater (hat tip John Eidson, American Thinker).

For 14 years, NBC made Trump the host of its prime-time television series, The Apprentice, something the network would never have done had there been even a hint of racism in his past.
Trump was a high-profile real estate developer in New York City, one of the most liberal jurisdictions in America. Had he been infected with racism, he would have faced insurmountable hurdles getting his projects approved.
Before running for president, Trump donated $1.5 million to high-profile Democrat candidates, including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Andrew Cuomo, none of whom would have accepted a dime from him if there was a shred of doubt about his racial bona fides.

In 1985, after Trump bought Mar-a-Lago, he insisted that club membership there would have no race or religion restrictions. The Palm Beach town council objected and tried to stop him turning it into a club. He filed a $100 million lawsuit against them. They backed down and other clubs began halting discriminatory practices.

Recent accomplishments deny his racism as well.

He freed Alice Marie Johnson, something a racist would never do, nor did he have to do.
Then he pardoned black boxer Jack Johnson, correcting the record on the long dead athlete – something Bush 43 and Barack Obama declined to do.

He signed a bill making the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. a national park. The bill was sponsored by Democrat civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis of Georgia.

Trump signed an executive order making historically black colleges and universities a priority. That was just a month after taking office.

Leaders of black colleges and universities in the Oval Office, February 2017 for the signing of an executive order.

In May 2018, black NYPD detective Miosotis Familia, mother of two, was gunned down by a cop-hater. At a memorial service in the nation’s capital, President Trump hugged, kissed, and held hands with Familia’s 90-year-old mother. Would a racist ever do such a thing?

The Trump administration also started Opportunity Zones, a new community development program to encourage long-term investments in low-income urban and rural communities nationwide.

If this is racism, it’s a peculiar type. Had he ever used slurs at any time in his life, you can bet they would have surfaced in 2016. They didn’t because he doesn’t think that way.

It’s the Dems/Left/Progressives who want to slur. They do it well.

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