Some Don’t Want to Return

What have you learned since being quarantined by the pandemic?

That all of us need to be more prepared? That we need to have cash on hand, along with necessities like food, prescriptions, drugs and toilet paper?

Many will want to rethink the time spent with loved ones. Perhaps not everyone feels they have spent enough time with the family. Or, that something as simple as a walk, watching a favorite TV show or cooking your own dinner is as or more enjoyable than an elaborate night on the town. And that learning how to amuse yourself is an invaluable tool.

Some will feel that keeping an updated resume is also important.

Evidently, though, many don’t want to use the pandemic for self enrichment. They want to upend our society.
The Democrats want that. The blue state governors are enjoying their power surge. Dems have seen that by keeping you at home and the economy down, they can achieve their goal of more reliance on them and going socialist.

It was interesting to see this surface in a Nextdoor posting. The question was asked: “Do we really want to go back to normal?” and this graphic put up:

Responses were eye popping.

Here are some samples:

“I hate to say it because I am not a young man but we need to get all these old corporate capitalists out of the way and redefine the terms of capitalism and realize not everything is here to make money from. Our health and education to name a few. Old politicians like you being dumb. That’s how old society was in the 20th century . If you haven’t notice (sic) some people don’t want it any different.”

“I definitely think we should take this opportunity to rethink normal.” (Many chimed in their agreement.)
“Ants aren’t building hills and subterranean complexes with an option to buy. Fleas aren’t selling dog shares on the stock exchange. ‘Normal’, ‘money’, and ‘Capitalism’ do not exist in nature, they are human constructs that can be redefined.”

(I have never seen a squirrel willingly give up a nut or acorn it has worked to get, nor have I seen a dog give up a bone or scrap of meat it has found, have you?)

“Normal is just a setting on a dryer. I love the sentiment and you’re totally right.” (If you are sick, you appreciate what normal is and recognize it. If you go to the doctor for a test and it comes back normal, you are happy about it.)
“When there’s a cloud I think it is very useful to expand the heck out of any silver lining. And one silver lining may be the opportunity to reassess the degree of frantic racing around that was the old normal. There are many other areas of societal improvement this time and opportunity could lead us to beneficially consider as well…”
(A lot of people enjoy the frantic running around. They will keep doing it.)
“Agreed! And we’re gonna do it brother. I believe we’re gonna make it better. Our kids are learning so many different things right now. My son’s in Africa on the equator. I’ve never done that, but we can’t do this alone. We should remain stoic and persevere but the next gen has got this. I’m proud to be where we are right now as a people and I truly believe what doesn’t break you makes you stronger and better. Plz keep smiling!🙂”
(Couldn’t resist getting in some virtue signalling could he? The next gen is what scares me the most. They don’t seem prepared to do anything except maximize the use of a phone.)

These people don’t realize – or refuse to acknowledge – that capitalism is what has raised up a middle class free to enjoy things our ancestors could only dream about. A system that rewards hard work and innovation is what made us a wonderful country.

Scary that years of liberal indoctrination have blinded so many.
Often what follows a period like this is a renaissance. People find new ways of doing things and new opportunities. Hopefully we will never be as dependent on other nations as we are now for vital goods. Virologists will learn a lot from this disease and come up with a better understanding of epidemics, as well as better vaccines.

But to change our successful society into a socialist/Communist government is not the way forward.

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