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Acting DNI director Ric Grenell is doing the Lord’s work, so to speak. He is cleaning house at that Intelligence agency and last night had a new directive.

From now on, the FBI is frozen out of candidates’ intelligence briefings. Grenell’s office released this statement:

“Today, the ODNI announced that the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) will lead all intelligence-based threat briefings to candidates, campaigns, and political organizations under the U.S. Government’s notification framework. Bill Evanina, the Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, will serve as the IC’s leader to this critical effort.

“’US elections are the foundation of our nation’s democracy. We are committed to supporting this Administration’s whole-of-government effort to secure the 2020 election,’ said Evanina.

“This change represents an important improvement and simplification to the threat notification process. The IC will continue to work in partnership with FBI and DHS to identify and integrate threat information, and Evanina and the elections team will act swiftly to deliver the timely and thorough assessments to those affected by potential malicious influence.”

The briefings do not belong in a law enforcement agency.

This joins his other releases of formerly redacted information that should Grenell shared with the public.

As one comment put it so well, “Seems Ratcliffe’s going to take over as DNI in the not too distant future. When he does, fire Wray, move Grenell over to Acting FBI Director until, hopefully General Flynn is free and clear and when he is appointed as FBI Director. Then fire Gina Haspel and put Grenell in as Acting CIA Director until her replacement is decided.
Grenell is a pitbull and homey don’t play dat deep state sheezie!”

Amen. We need people who will do the messy job of cleaning out DC.

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