In Case You Missed This

Here’s a panel discussion of MLGW leaving TVA. The host is Eric Barnes of the Daily Memphian.

The two interviewed are pro leaving TVA. Daily Memphian says they couldn’t get someone from the other side.

Watch for yourself:

Some questions pop up in this discussion, such as why didn’t they ask the IRP why it’s imprudent to join MISO. Couldn’t someone ask?
Looks like a lot of flim flam could be done, given how technical this all is.
Why do they gloss over the cost in billions that it will cost for new infrastructure?
Aren’t we going from one monopoly to another?
Is a raise of 30% in the last ten years that bad?
Why not get someone to clean up the TVA if it is corrupt?
Duh, of course these two will deny that they have any interest in this. That’s not how it works. If Rep. Cohen and Mayor Lee Harris are for it, that’s not an endorsement in many eyes.

We definitely need another panel discussion of this with pro TVA people interviewed. This is a big deal that should not be done without the public’s input.

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