Power Fight at MLGW

What’s the status on the move by city government to leave TVA?
That’s a good question because even though the City Council on Tuesday resolved to have Mayor Strickland get a proposal from MISO, an energy consortium rival to TVA, the MLGW board swatted at that.
They reminded the Council that it is the MLGW Board that must first make the decision.

The Daily Memphian reports, “The concept of the mayor of Memphis taking proposals from rivals to the Tennessee Valley Authority to supply electric power to Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division is ‘somewhat problematic,’ according to the utility’s general counsel.

“Cheryl Patterson told MLGW board members Wednesday, May 20, she plans to work with the administration and city government’s chief legal officer to “work through those issues.
“‘Whatever contractual amendments, changes, new contract the (MLGW) board decides to pursue will then go to the council for approval.’ Patterson said. ‘There’s nothing I see in the language that would change the process.’

“Patterson responded to complaints from board member Steven Wishnia that MLGW’s role is being overlooked in the debate about whether MLGW should keep or cut ties with the TVA.
“He called on MLGW President and CEO J.T. Young to remind the public it is the board’s decision to make at the outset.

“’We say nothing. We are silent about this whole issue,’ Wishnia told Young. ‘Just tell them other people can’t do it unless this board approves it, I guess. You’ve got more people lobbying. Where they are getting the money for this, I don’t have a clue. They are hiring people to lobby the city council. It’s crazy and there’s just a lot of other factors that people aren’t aware of.'”

The IRP (Integrated Resource Plan), drafted by Siemens, was supposed to come out tomorrow but it has been postponed til May 29. MLGW is relying on this report to help make a decision.

Looks like we’re in for a long power struggle over power. Unfortunately, it looks like the people who will feel the effects of this, the public, will be kept in the dark as much as possible.

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