This One’s for You, Marco

Florida Senator Marco Rubio went on the Sunday news shows and proclaimed that groups from the right and left were responsible for the violence and looting across the land.

This is first class political virtue signaling. It’s this kind of talk that probably lost him the 2016 primary. He’s got enough RINO in him to disrupt any elephant DNA.

Aside from one or two pitiful 901 Confederate specimens at our local rallies, I have not seen pictures of KKK people burning and looting or fights breaking out between them and Black Lives Matter people. The dirty little secret is that white supremacy is a term that has more power in it than the actual people who might practice it. If the media would ignore it, it would probably dry up and go away.

Sure, you’ll always have a few nut cases in any population. Until you get to heaven, there will be evil people in the world and no utopia.

Paul Joseph Watson asked a question on Twitter that puts it all in perspective. Maybe Rubio should have thought about this.

Watson ask, “if white supremacists are responsible for the violence, why is the left so against Trump taking action against those causing the violence?
— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) June 2, 2020”

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