Midtown Supremacists

This morning while walking down Melrose, I saw a car parked on the street with a white sign in the front windshield. It read: “No more White Supremacy.”

That surprised me because I’m unaware of any White Supremacists in Midtown. Nor have I ever encountered one in my 64 years anywhere.

Nor have I ever heard conservatives – that dreaded bastion of all hate – talk about our superiority or desire to keep blacks, Jews, gays, Hispanics, etc. subjugated. No one I know knows or wants to know a White Supremacist. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist; it’s just that they are not the potent force the Left insists dwells in our nation.

I wonder if the parked car person would pass my yard man test. That is, how do they treat workers who come to their home?

Several years ago an incident happened that was eye opening. The guys who cut our yard – very nice, professional black people – parked one of their vehicles across the street from us. As in the case of many Midtown neighborhoods, lots of people have to park on the street because driveway space is limited. Besides, it was just temporary.

Soon after, several police cars pulled up at the house across the street. This is home to avowed Liberals/Democrats. The liberal homeowner had called the police on the yard gentlemen, objecting to their vehicle in front of the house.

When I was told of this, I went and spoke with the police and explained. It was upsetting to see the concern on the yard guys’ faces. Fortunately, the police were much more understanding than the Liberal Neighbor. They left without anything occurring.

Because there was only a problem in the Leftist’s head.

Rush Limbaugh spoke the other day of Liberal Supremacy. So many of them want to contour the world in their utopian and misguided idea. Their intolerance is startling. The many young people who now hate the police don’t realize that they are trading that in for a complete police state that will monitor everything they do. That police state will find whatever they need to keep people under control and there won’t be any courts to stop them.

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