2020 Vision

After Trump won the election in 2016, it became apparent that we would have a big fight coming. The Left was so furious about their unexpected loss that they were going to do everything possible to get rid of Trump.

The globalists hate him. They hate having their world order disrupted. They were so close to domination with the election of Hillary Clinton! Anger and rage ensued.

The Democrats also narrowly missed their goal of complete control. They expected to gain the House and the Senate along with the presidency. When they didn’t, their backs were against the wall.
The race baiters, feminists, global warming alarmists and pro immigration people recognized that their pet causes would not advance with Trump in office. That means they don’t make any money.

The media, too, sensed its days of controlling Americans’ thoughts were ending. They hate the way Trump speaks his mind freely and goes straight to the American people through Twitter, facebook and alternate media sources on YouTube or blogs.

In all instances, cornered animals like them have only one option: attack.

Attack they did, as we all know. Russian dossier, special counsel, Ukrainian lies, impeachment, endless attacks on everything – then a Chinese induced virus to destroy us economically and now protests to tear down the country in most large cities.

If you’ll notice, their coordinated attacks are always in generalities, never specifics. They just drip, drip, drip that Trump is a racist. How he is or what he’s said that is racist is never brought up. The mantra, unfortunately, has been taken up by many Americans. You can stop and ask them for specifics, but then again who wants to engage with these people?

I have to salute their doggedness and creativity in constantly coming up with new ways of attack. In 2016 I knew there was a battle of epic proportions coming, but the intensity of it has been breathtaking.

With the election approaching again, it means America loving voters are going to have to strap in for some very bad months again when we are going to be berated and attacked constantly.

If we want to save our country, we will have to do everything possible to make sure these people never gain control. We’re at a pivotal moment and that calls for courage.

We can take heart that everything they’ve thrown at Trump has failed. He’s still here. How the man keeps going is a marvel. Yet he does and so must we.

I believe that God has made us a special country and that he will help us prevail. In the meantime, all of us can pray that he does bless us with another, better four years of President Trump.

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