We Are Not Well Served

Our local elected officials do not manage the city well. We have come to accept poor schools, poor roads, high taxes and skyrocketing crime.

We have accepted Democrat rule in the running of the city.

Unfortunately, our media outlets haven’t served us well and don’t even pretend to be unbiased anymore. That goes from the TV stations to the print media to the digital Daily Memphian.

Today it was really on display.

Both the CA and the Daily Memphian no longer carry any stories except the protest/racism and the pandemic. The protest is winding down a bit; humans can’t sustain being angry forever. Fear, in the form of the pandemic, is longer lasting.

Today’s CA has the main front page stories on masks and the need for them, with a story about defunding police at the bottom. That doesn’t mean they were finished with that much eye grabbing.
Page 2 has a story about COVID; page 3 goes back to the protests with a long story that admits there were only 24 people protesting downtown.

Page 4 is more about masks, with another story about Baptists ministers working to promote equality (racism). Page 5 continues the defunding story. Page 6 is about most Americans backing protests of the White House (a dubious claim in my opinion) plus a racism story about “little change occurs on Nathan Bedford Forrest issues.”
The business page is about the economy being bad because of the pandemic and racism; Page 10 pivots again to racism this time allegedly of a Fed Ex worker’s “hateful” video. Frankly, I’m surprised the weather on that page doesn’t give the forecast for protesting all over the country.
The new “Coping” section has a front page story urging people to show up at protests, be actively anti-racist and how to make these issues a model for kids. That story continues on the next page. Page 3B has a story about how the pandemic has brought joy to Hell’s Kitchen in New York. Oh, and a vital story about how to make lemonade.
Sports section goes all in on the pandemic again, plus a racism story about NASCAR and Confederate flags. Comics and TV listings finish it out.

If you’re looking for some actual news about anything, you won’t find it. The world outside the U.S. might as well not exist. Information, in the way of facts, isn’t there either. Like most newspapers, the CA has devolved into a total opinion rag.

Nor do they apparently care about making money. If they did, they’d go for a wider audience than the disgruntled and maybe pick up an ad or two. Used to be the ads were at least informative. Who’s having a sale, new products, store hours, etc. Even they are getting in on the race/pandemic act.

Media is determined to milk all this for as much and for as long as they can. Maybe they are waiting to see who dies out first – America or the media.

Right now the media is the protest and the pandemic. They are the sick ones.

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